1. Ownership Design

Your project is “owned” by the designers and engineers who are responsible for its creation, follow the product through the design process, and participate in the prototype build. That way discoveries made along the way can be brought back full-circle into the creative process. This ensures that the product will actually work the way it’s supposed to.

2. Extended Enterprise Client Relationship

ESG works with only one company in a given industry, in contrast to the consultant model (working with competing clients). This builds trust, motivation, and long-term relationships.

3. Process Integration

ESG integrates an artful blend of Industrial Design, Product Styling, Conceptual Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Engineering Analysis—each discipline understanding the inter-dependence on the other, and functioning as a cohesive group to develop effective solutions to your product design problems.

4. Process Management

Process management is an inheret part of the development process. Internal reviews, including timeline monitoring, comprehensive client communication, and project milestone reviews, are fully utilized.